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A Creative and beautifully design range of lighting from Elstead Lighting. With a full selection of Indoor, Outdoor, Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting in retro, vintage and inspirational lighting.
Elstead uses the best materials and technology to produce these amazing lights.

The range is broken down into three areas firstly else did lighting have a full range of sleek and modern refined light fittings designed with a retro and vintage design inspiration. 2nd are of course the Elstead light fittings which are hand painted and have a modern yet artistic approach to their design. Third but certainly not last is the full selection of traditional style products that are designed with the traditional feel to embrace the modern elements of a home today. Whichever type of lighting in the indoor range you are looking for you're sure to find something that suits your taste, decorative needs an inspiration from this great Elstead Lighting range.


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