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LED Lighting UK Delivery
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LED Lighting by Room and Type

We have every thpe of light fitting that you will require, no matter of you are a domestic, commercial, retail or industrial customer we have a complete range from the best manufacturers we work with.


Lighting is so important to our well being and daily lives it is important we get it right.

<h2>LED Lighting by Room and Type</h2>
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Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms are where we start the day and finish the day and therefore good quality lighting is essential in a bathroom to ensure we get everything just right.

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Batten Lighting

A full and complete range of batten light fittings that replaces the tradional fluorescent battens and strips.

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Bollard Light Fittings

All types of bollard lighting in stock and our range of LED Bollard Lighting has no ends. 

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Bulkhead Light Fittings

We have a range that is massive from all the best manufacturers such as sylvania, philips, osram, JCC and knightsbridge MLA.

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Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is a true multi-tasker. Stylish focal point, comfortable breeze maker, beautiful illuminator, even an energy saver

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A great selection of various designs of Chandeliers, from elegant to modern, bling to art deco, we have them all.

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Decking Lighting

We spend so much time in our gardens that it is important that we ensure the light fittings are correct. 

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All Downlights

We keep a vast range of all LED Downlights from JCC lighting and Knightsbridge but also a good range from other suppliers also.

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Emergency Exit Lighting

Complete range of fully compliant exit emergency lighting to comply with fire regulations in your building.

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Flood Lighting

Security is everyones priority and so it should be, which is why we bring you these great floodlights for every lighting application known.

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High Bay Light Fittings

Highbay light fittings are essential for factory and warehouse lighting. 

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LED Tape and Flex with Accessories

High quality LED Flex and LED Tape that has all the qualities to last for years not weeks!! 

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Pendant Light Fittings

Great pendant lighting can make a huge difference in many rooms and resturants. 

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Pourch and Doorway Lighting

We just love great pourch lighting and our range also comes with compatable wall lighting

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LED Panels / JCC Skytiles

We have many types of LED Panel available from JCC Lighting in the Skytile Range and SkyDisc Range

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Spot Lights

A complete selection of stop lights and track spot from all of the manufacturers we work with.

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Table Lamps

Our table lamp brings together more than 250 various options of table and floor lamps in a massive variety of designs, styles and materials.

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Track Lighting and Fittings

We keep in stock the whole range so if JCC and Knightsbridge have it in stock so do we, and delivery can go out the same daye direct to your door.

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Undershelf Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

We spend alot of time in the kitchen as a family, cooking meals, eating, discussing the days events.

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Wall Lighting

Wall lighting can really mnake a room look special and light up those wall papers and corners that sometime get forgotten

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Floor Standing Lamps

When creating and sourcing our unique products, we use a range of materials, including brass, metal, chrome, smoked glass and crystal glass.

Light Fittings by Room Type and Style

There are many improvements we can make around the home but one of the things we rely on the most is our lighting. From our bedrooms to living rooms and kitchens, for the majority of the year, we spend a large amount of time in darkness so it makes sense to have the right lighting.

So, whether you are looking for the best LED light bulbs or you want LED lamps, you can be sure that you will benefit in many ways.

Saving money with LED Bulbs

We all know how much we use our lights around the home but did you know that lighting makes up a large portion of electricity bills. So, if you switch out your standard incandescent bulbs in UK, you will be able to save as much as £3 per bulb each year. So, if you are looking to make savings then there is no doubt that LED light bulbs and fittings are the way forward.

Along with this, branded Lights will last for years which means that you will also make savings because you won’t have to spend on replacement bulbs.

The average cost of replacing every bulb in the home is around £100 and that would lead to savings of around £40, which means that in just over two years, the bulbs would have paid for themselves.

Saving Carbon Emissions with LED Bulbs

Of course, if you are looking to really make a difference by using LED light bulbs UK then you have to think about the impact it will have on the environment. As carbon emissions are already having an impact on a global scale, something as simple as changing light bulbs can make a real difference. So, if you change a halogen light bulb to an LED bulb then you can save as much as 5kg in CO2 emissions. If you replace every bulb around the home then this can equate to around 63kg of co2 emissions. Collectively, that would add to a significant amount clearly indicating just why it’s important to make a switch.

The Future of LED Lights

LED lights are now becoming mainstream and with more people making the switch then it’s only a matter of time until every home in the UK uses LED light bulbs. It’s simple to order light bulbs online and that means that we can all have access to LED bulbs in order to replace them.

They provide more light and are more efficient, but they are only going to improve further. What’s more, LED bulbs are also being used with smart devices and so, they are becoming part of a connected home whereby users have more control over their lighting and that allows them to change how they use them. With enhanced usability and a wide range of LED bulbs available, it’s clear to see that the use of LED bulbs around the home is going to grow considerably.