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Elstead Lighting Now Available at Competitive Prices

We are proud to announce we are retailers of Elstead Lighting and all of the high quality lighting under this amazing brand name.

The full range of Quality Lighting at Affordable Prices

Searchlight Electric Retailer 24/7

Manufacturers of amazing lighting for homes and domestic settings as well as hotels, restaurants and retail. Illuminating all settings with Searchlight.

Quality Lighting from a Worldwide Manufacturer and Supplier

EGLO Lighting Products


Delivering Quality Lighting for the Last 80 Years at Affordable Prices for all.

Endon Lighting

Great Pendant, Table Lamps, Wall Lighting, Floor Lamps, Ceiling Flush lLighting and much more..

Quality Tiffany Light Fittings

Tiffany Lighting from Endon.

If you are looking for Art Deco Lighting you will find what you are looking for here at First Light Direct

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Stylish And Practical Pendant Lights From Elstead - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

Stylish And Practical Pendant Lights From Elstead

Many people notice their lighting is inadequate during the winter months, when we have to endure those long, dark evenings. 

Fortunately, spring has arrived, but why endure another winter with unattractive or ineffective lighting in your home or business? Now is the perfect time to introduce a fresh look. 

No matter if your old fittings are unfashionable, worn out, or you want to introduce LED bulbs, there’s more choice than ever in contemporary lighting. It’s now more affordable than ever to create a luxurious look for less. 

If you’re ready to update your home or business with stunning new light fittings, First LIght Direct has various styles to choose from. We offer beautiful lighting products for domestic and commercial spaces, all from leading manufacturers. 

Why choose Elstead Lighting products for your home?

Elstead Lighting is known for producing high-quality lighting fixtures, which are made using premium materials. The result of first-class craftsmanship, all their products are built to last and they have a timeless appeal so won’t quickly go out of style. 

They’re also known for providing a wide variety of lighting solutions, including indoor and outdoor fixtures in contemporary and traditional styles, as well as different finishes and sizes. That makes it easier to find the perfect lighting solution for their specific needs and preferences.

Elstead Lighting keeps ahead of the latest trends and technologies in the lighting industry. That means you’ll find many innovative features in their designs. 

This commitment to innovation ensures that customers have access to modern and efficient lighting solutions, including pendant lights. 

Elstead's products are renowned for their elegant and stylish designs.

Whether you're after a statement piece to brighten your room, or a subtle design to blend seamlessly into your space, Elstead offers options to suit various interior design schemes. 


Among our range is this Lighting Pendant from their Cosmos range which mixes a retro style with classic detailing. Highly affordable,  this pendant comes with a two-year warranty and is an excellent introduction to pendant lighting. 

First Light Direct can help you find your dream lighting.

We’re renowned for providing excellent customer service throughout the purchasing process and beyond. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with product selection, provide installation advice, and troubleshooting, ensuring a positive experience throughout the process.

If you prioritise quality, variety, innovation, design, and excellent customer service, First Light Direct is a trusted supplier. 

The many reasons to opt for pendant lighting.

Although pendant lights have been around some time, they became especially popular in interior design during the mid-20th century. They became much more prevalent as the modern, minimalist aesthetic gained popularity

Over the past few years, pendant lights have evolved in style and design, becoming a staple in various interior design styles, from contemporary to industrial to rustic chic. Their versatility, functionality  and ability to add a focal point or ambiance to a space have contributed to their enduring popularity.

This style of lighting offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for many spaces.

Firstly, they’re highly versatile and come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials, making them suitable for all kinds of looks and spaces, from kitchens and dining rooms to bedrooms and offices.

Pendant lights are excellent at providing focused Illumination.

That’s because they direct light downward, making them ideal for tasks such as reading or cooking. They can also be used to highlight specific areas or objects in your room.

They also save space. Pendant lights hang from the ceiling, freeing up valuable floor and table space compared to floor or table lamps. This makes them especially useful in smaller rooms or areas where space is limited.

Create a cosy, welcoming ambience. 

Pendant lights can contribute to the mood of a room by providing warm, diffused light or creating visual interest with unique designs or materials.

Many pendant lights can be customised: for instance, you might be able to adjust the length of the cord or chain, choose different bulb types or shades, or cluster multiple pendants together for a unique look.

Pendant lights can serve as focal points or statement pieces in a room; they’re ideal for adding more visual interest and enhancing the overall aesthetic.


Our range also includes this glamorous Pendant from the Louvre Range of Elstead Lighting. Boasting a subtle silver-brushed black finish, it is furnished with slates of clear glass. With its filament style lamp bulbs, you’ll enjoy an irresistible industrial aesthetic. Since this design is compatible with dimmable lamps, it’s easy to adjust it to reflect your mood.

In short, pendant lighting is both beautiful and practical, making it a versatile and popular choice for many interior design schemes.

If you’re looking to update your lighting this spring, explore our pendant lights today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information. 

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