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Warranties and Guarentees

"Warranties and Guarantees"

Our First Light Promise:

  • No Quibble Returns Policy for Stock Items, just send it back and we will credit the Light Bulbs or Tubes - Subject to the Distance Selling Regulations

JCC Warranties:

JCC Lighting warrants many of their products and the customer is required to register the products sold to them direct with JCC Lighting on their website. All warranty claims are required to be made direct with JCC Lighting Click Here

ML Accessories - Knightsbridge Warranties:

ML Accessories warrant many of their products and the buyer should contact ML Accessories Knightsbridge to express any extended warranties offered by the Manufacturer 01582 887760

Light Bulb and Fluorescent Tube Manufacturers Life Expectancy:

All Light Bulb and Fluorescent Tube manufacturers publish their average expected life of the product. This should not be considered as an expected min life of a product as it is not. The manufacturers generally test 1000 lamps or tubes, and then use the "Average" time that all of them last as their published life expectancy data. Therefore, sometimes, lamps and tubes may last a lot less or a lot more than the published data. The life expectancy is also variable by the use of the product. Factors such as is the lamp within a contained light fitting will reduces the airflow to the lamp and therefore reduce the life expectancy etc.