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LED Light Bulbs Colour Temperatures

LED Light Bulb temperatures vary a lot and it is essential that you choose the right colour temperature for your application.

 LED Colour Temperatures


A measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colours of various objects. A light source with a CRI of 100 (Ra) would be perfect and balanced in terms of colour reproduction, shading and contrast. Ingress Protection (IP) is a value given to products that have particular protection against dust and/ or moisture. The IP number is split, the first digit represents the level of protection against dust particles while the second digit represents the protection against moisture. For example IP00 has no protection against dust or moisture whilst a product with IP68 is dust tight and submersible up to 2m. 
Lumen depreciation values reflect the overall performance of a light source through its life. All light sources suffer from lumen depreciation, which can be accelerated by poor thermal conditions, over voltage or incorrect application. L70 is the operating time (hours) until the LED lumen output is depreciated to 70% of its initial lumens.  LENI is a measurement of the buildings energy performance in energy usage per sq/m. For more information, visit 


 CIBSE recommended light levels 
Area type Recommended LUX
Public areas with dark surroundings 10 - 50 Lux
Simple orientation for short visits 100 - 150 Lux
Warehouse racking 150 Lux
Warehouses, homes, theatres 150 - 200 Lux 
Simple office work and classrooms 300 - 500 Lux
Brighter areas such as bathrooms 150 - 200 Lux
Normal office work with computers 300 - 500 Lux
Supermarkets and workshops 500 - 1000 Lux