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All Track Lighting

All Track Lighting

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Here you will find a great amount of track lighting from both JCC Lighting and Knightsbridge MLA.

We keep in stock the whole range so if JCC and Knightsbridge have it in stock so do we, and delivery can go out the same daye direct to your door.

Single circuit track a 3 circuit track for multiple switch available with all light fitting in both holgaen and led available in every colour and wattage and output possible.

Track lighting is a flexible and functional lighting solution that consists of a linear track mounted on the ceiling or wall, with adjustable light fixtures that can be easily positioned along the track to direct light where needed. This type of lighting system allows for customizable and targeted illumination in different areas of a room, making it ideal for accent lighting, task lighting, or highlighting specific objects or architectural features. Track lighting fixtures come in various styles, sizes, and finishes to complement different design aesthetics and can be used in residential, commercial, and retail settings. With the ability to easily reposition and adjust the light fixtures along the track, track lighting offers versatility and versatility in creating different lighting effects and arrangements to suit particular lighting needs and preferences. Additionally, track lighting systems are relatively easy to install and can be an efficient and cost-effective solution for updating or enhancing the lighting in a space.

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