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Meet The Team and History

First Light Direct has been operating from our first operations in 1986 and the journey has been exciting and seem some huge changes in Light Bulbs, from the first low eneregy lightbulbs through to the LED Light Bulbs being introduced. The future in lighting remains exciting and the technology continues to develop and is looking very bright.

First Light Direct History



Jim (Founder 1986 and CEO)  Melanie (Sales Director Joined 2008)
Jim Gear Founder of First Light Direct Melanie Sales Director of First Light Direct

Jim is the founder and CEO of First Light Direct (JAG Procurement Limited).

Jim founded the business in 1986 and started before the internet was available, selling Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes to Pubs, Clubs, Shops and Restaurants in the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire areas.

The business evolved and in 1995 was launched on the first internet platform where First Light Direct really took off selling Lamps and Lighting to Domestic, Retail and Commercial Customers from our base in Surrey.

Jim continues to be hands on every day and is often taking orders from customers on the phones and dealing with customer care and logistics.

Jim's lighting and light bulbs knowledge extends over 40 years and continues today advising Public and Private Sector on Lighting requirements and needs.


Melanie (Mel) joined the sales team in 2008 from another online and telesales industry and took to the lighting industry like a duck to water. 

Mel was inspirational at setting up the logistics work flows to ensure that from Order to Receipt of Goods the process is transparent and as fast as possible.

Mel has been a real asset to the business and customers regularly comment on how knowledgeable and helpful she is when deal with requests large or small.

Mel is passionate about ensuring customers get the best service and quality products and is in continuous contact with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that the best quality is always available to our customers.