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Great Style and Versatility in these Kichler Ceiling Fans from Elstead Lighting

Great Style and Versatility in these Kichler Ceiling Fans from Elstead Lighting

Elstead Kitchler Ceiling Fan Collection


The Kichler ceiling fan range is a true multitasker when it comes to ceiling fans internationally both within The United Kingdom and United States of America. The range consists of products suitable for indoor living as well as outdoor living and therefore if you are looking for ceiling fans you will not be disappointed with the Kichler Range.

The indoor living range will bring a breath of fresh air to any room in your house regardless of the style decoration, size or use for which the room is used. This range of ceiling fans will become the central focal point of your room on which everyone will comment when they see the wow factor the ceiling fan exhibits when installed.

The outdoor range again will be the focal point for any outside living space within your home, restaurants or hotel in which it is installed. The fans are specifically designed to bring large airflow volumes to your favourite fresco entertaining space to ensure the on those hot summer days fresh air is continuously flowing around you.

Choosing the correct ceiling fan could not be easier from this great range. Simply choose from the indoor range, the IP20 humid range, the IP 23 damp range, or the IP 44 wet range. Once you have decided on the climate in which the ceiling fan is to be installed then you simply need to think about the size of the room or the space which you are trying to ventilate. Ranges of fans coming small, medium, large, an extra large so that we can ventilate from 8 metres squared through to over 300 feet squared. Always think carefully of the ceiling height and ensure the fan dropped length does not interfere with any walkways or persons passing underneath the fan.

The range of fans comes with very eco friendly lighting in the form of the latest LED lighting technology and this is clearly identified in the brochure with the LED symbol.

There isn't a room that would not benefit from the various styles and designs of ceiling fans available in this Elstead Kicher Range, as all of the range has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to ensure that from period to Modern art deco architectural design we will have a solution for you.

A great example is our Ried range of ceiling fans where you really do get a wood blade look in a style that works in humid spaces such as a room with bifold doors. Another example is the Terna range which offers a great looking whimsy of a pinwheel modernised effect ceiling fan perfect for kitchens or breakfast counters.

The warranties on the ceiling fan motors and motor related parts extends up to 10 years from the date of purchase, and the LED light engine and electrical components up to five years from date of purchase making this range something that you can fit and forget.

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