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Eglo Lighting Up Every Home with Warmth and Colour - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

Eglo Lighting Up Every Home with Warmth and Colour

Eglo Lighting – Quality Lighting from Germany at Great Affordable Prices.

Eglo lighting has four major collections within that range of superb light fittings. These are interior lighting, outdoor lighting, light bulbs and ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans.

Eglo lighting ceiling fan range is not just stylish and well designed but it is a great addition to any home, restaurant, hotel or even external setting and will for sure keep you cool as well as well illuminated. It is absolutely essential therefore the when selecting the right ceiling fan that you choose from the large variety of colours, materials, fan blade sizes, and light outputs to ensure that you select a suitable ceiling fan for each room in which you wish to install them.

When selecting the right colour you can choose from our wood effect or all retro modern ceiling fans in white or black to suit your taste. A good example is the Cadiz range which comes to you with a sleek wood effect and dark grain made from MDF material. Have ceiling fan lights come with the latest LED technology to ensure that your ceiling fan is just not pleasing to the eye but is also energy efficient. Your ceiling fan can also come with remote controls to save you from having to move from your seat to control the climate within the room this can control both the light and the fans speed.

Indoor Lighting

Within the indoor range there are various sub ranges to choose from such as our ceiling lights, pendant lights, table lamps, and floor lamps. Just like in any house the colour you choose is very important not just to the room ambience but also to an individual's mental health and well-being and therefore choosing the right colour has never been more important. In a living room we would recommend using a warm colour such as a warm light shade or white light shade to give brightness in this key living space both day and night. Within a dining area we would recommend using a lamp choice with a large lumen output, and of course the higher the value of lumen output the more natural the colour will be.

Lighting in the smallest room of the house the bathroom is also a key essential commodity to well-being and the start of everyone's day. We have an extensive range of wall lights and mirror lights which will enhance any bathroom and ensure the start of your day is bright.

Outdoor Lighting

Many of us extend our homes to our external living spaces in our conservatory's, patios and gardens to ensure that we make full use of all of the property when the weather is kind to us. We have an extensive lighting array of garden lighting as well as external wall lighting and porch lighting for you to choose from. But remember within your conservatory's or external dining areas you can also benefit from our vast range of ceiling fans with built in lighting.

We strive very hard to bring the very best lighting products to our customers an Eglo lighting certainly has the depth and breadth of quality and ranges that can ensure you can design your home, hotel, all restaurants from this great manufacturer.

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