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Searchlight Light Fittings - Affordable and Quality

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Searchlight Light Fittings - Affordable and Quality - First Light Direct - Light Fittings and LED Light Bulbs

Great British Lighting Company at great affordable prices.

Searchlight has maintained its presence within the lighting market by constantly embracing innovation and designing lamps and lighting fixtures that challenge existing design trends. Boosting their presence within lighting shows, providing unbeatable customer services, and supporting their stockist base. Not forgetting the futuristic manufacturing processes undertaken by Searchlight that result in the provision of top-quality outside and inside light fittings. Simplicity has been key to the success of some of the most sought-after lighting designs supplied by Searchlight, with minimal bright and clear lights making their mark on the lighting world due to simple shape and the use of various top-quality materials. These lighting designs are very effective within any home, adding to the brightness of rooms.

Searchlight is a renowned lighting brand and boasts a wide stockist base throughout the UK and on an international scale. They are renowned for providing amazing light fittings manufactured from outstanding materials that are sure to accentuate your living area. Browse our stock of Searchlight light fittings and our ceiling lights at Dusk Lighting to gain sought-after illumination solutions for your home and garden. Searchlight light fittings cater for everyone and can be used in each and every room within your home. Whether you need lighting to suit a minimal interior, an inside lighting feature to suit a contemporary living area or a collection of lights for your outdoor space, the options are abundant. This popular lighting brand believes in simplicity, top quality materials, and the provision of stylish light fittings for any room.

But what is so special about Searchlight? Searchlight Electric was established in 1945 by Sir Sidney Hamburger. He carried his business through a series of evolutions, the last, in 1976, introducing a selection of bathroom lighting. Since establishment, they have grown annually and now supply over 3000 products that offer the design, quality, and reliability that you would expect from any lighting manufacturer. This now includes designer lighting for up-market dwellings such as Ligman Infiniti, Indianapolis, Ascona, and many others, incorporated inside their nifty catalogues, with application shots of American mansions resplendent with beautiful fittings.

As an electrical wholesaler and retailer of some standing here at First Light Direct, it came to my notice that a new kid in town had opened up shop, namely Power Point on Christie Road. I went for a look around and was more than happy with what I found. This go-ahead business houses a lot of the better-known manufacturers and their wares. With lighting forming a good part of their stock, they also stock a wide variety of Searchlight light fittings.

What's more? Searchlight light fittings in Manchester present a problem-solving feature. Most homeowners in UK usually face a bit of a problem when it comes to lighting. While rustic themes as well as traditional looks provide more of a rural feel, the technological advancements since the late 19th century may outshine the traditional styles with the country-led industrial revolution. Many homeowners, who like the convenience and safety of most modern light fittings, would very much prefer to also have old-world style in their homes. Feminine wrought iron lighting with detailed filigree designs, as well as lots and lots of curls, are one of the popular options that would give your home the picturesque 'distressed' look that is quite signature to many of Europe's shabby chic designs. While they do look as though they have been around the block a good number of times, lighting that is done via electricity will always provide the crisp, new-fashioned feel that has come to define the modern era.


Searchlight light fittings have captivated people from various parts of the globe, including Manchester, UK. Different people are attracted to these types of products for various reasons. For starters, they take versatility to a whole new level. Basically, you will get a wide range of these as they are a creation of your renowned lighting company. The options are beyond the ordinary, as you can get different options to beautifully illuminate every part of your home. Even then, they do have one thing in common. It is the seamless marriage of exquisite designs and top-notch functionalities. Many times, you will not have to compromise any of these aspects in a bid to get what you want. Whether modern or traditional lighting fixtures, you can trust these to give pride of place to wonderfully created styles that are not just practical but also evocative and impressive.

Why is it worth choosing products of the British company Searchlight Electric? This company is one of the world's leaders in the production of lighting with a rich assortment. It operates with over three thousand items, so that everyone can find the right solution for themselves. Among the many products are also specialist lighting, including outdoor security lights, wall lights, ceiling lights, kitchen spotlights, pull-fit formers, floor and desk lamps, as well as accessories and small items. Attractive, low-cost lighting expands the offer already in 1945. Today, an experienced team of employees defines new trends and returns to fashionable designs, implementation of innovative lighting projects. This UK manufacturer also cares for the ecology - introduced additional procedures, as well as using materials that do not burden the environment. Lighting and light fittings also use modern, energy-saving light sources.

If you are interested in purchasing lighting fixtures for your home, office, garden or terrace, contact us or visit our store. We guarantee a wide exposure of products, high availability and the best available price offers. We also offer advice on the purchase, including the selection of models and technical solutions. Thanks to this, you are sure that the lighting in your house will be aesthetic, functional and characterized by high efficiency. Characteristics that feature branded lamps: Accurate and professionally finished. Sturdy resistance to mechanical damage. High temperature resistance. Tightness. Quick and easy installation. Modern and fashionable design. If you are also looking for fittings from lighting or lighting manufacturers for the design of your store, restaurant, cafe, public building or external areas, visit our projects.

Despite our competitive prices, at First Light Direct don't compromise on quality. We believe that you should be able to enjoy designer lighting in your home without having to spend an absolute fortune. Which is why we offer such an attractive collection of modern and contemporary fixtures and fittings for the home and office. On top of our affordable price tags, receive FREE shipping within the UK on all orders over £500, guys! So simply choose your perfectly practical design from our fabulous selection of Searchlight light fittings, and we'll deliver them straight to your door, free of charge. With UK wide delivery available, you're never too far away to experience stylish and affordable lighting.

In conclusion, if you're looking for the latest styles of Searchlight light fittings, you'll find them all right here. We have a wide variety of modern lighting from Searchlight, which contains all manner of beautifully crafted pieces for the modern interior. From statement ceiling and wall lights to designer lamps and bulbs for the home or office, we are quite sure you're going to love everything we have to offer. Simply add this fabulous range of modern and contemporary lights to your walls, floors, ceilings, and tabletops, and we're quite sure you'll notice a huge difference in no time. And that's just our range of Searchlight lights – there's plenty more to offer. You'll also find a variety of first-class lighting from similar brands like Eglo, Interiors 1900, and Mantra, amongst many, many more.

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