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All Flood Lighting

All Flood Lighting

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Security is everyones priority and so it should be, which is why we bring you these great floodlights for every lighting application known. Commercial floodlights and also a full range of domestic flood lights are available.

We have LED flood lights for the garden, or the car park, for the sports field or just for general flood lighting for acess and exit.

Flood lighting is a type of outdoor lighting that is designed to illuminate large areas with a bright, wide-reaching beam of light. Typically used for security, safety, and recreational purposes, flood lights are commonly found in outdoor spaces such as sports stadiums, parking lots, building facades, and landscaping areas. These fixtures are often powerful and durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide high levels of brightness to ensure visibility and safety in the illuminated area. Flood lighting can be used to highlight architectural features, signage, or landscapes, as well as to deter intruders or provide adequate lighting for outdoor activities and events. With advancements in LED technology, flood lights are now more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and customizable in terms of color temperature and beam angle options, making them a versatile and effective outdoor lighting solution for various applications.

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