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<b>4 type of LED Tube Lights and Their Uses</b> - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

4 type of LED Tube Lights and Their Uses

Light technology is evolving rapidly and now there are many different LED tube lights on the market. Whether you’ve got a new light fitting or you need LED replacement bulbs, we can help you to understand the differences between the lights.

LED Tube Type A

This type is the easiest type to install and it comes with an internal driver that helps the tube to work directly from the existing linear fluorescent ballast. It also comes with several advantages with the main advantage being the ease of installation. Retrofitting is simple and simply involves the switch of the existing LFL with a UK Type A LED. There is no need to make any modifications to the current light fitting, making it a great option when it comes to LED bulbs.

LED Tube Type B

If you’re looking for a complete system then this is the option that is the simplest. In the same way as the UK Type A, it works by using an internal driver. However, the internal driver gets its power from the main voltage that is supplied to the existing LFL fixture. This means that there are several considerations to make. One of the main advantages is that it is the simplest system and retrofitting will require wiring directly into the main voltage. So, bypassing the ballast, it will remove any problems associated with compatibility. Furthermore, maintenance costs will be reduced too as there will be no requirement to replace the ballast. This is more efficient when compared to that of Type A and there is no loss of power when the existing LFL ballast is removed.

LED Tube Type C

If it’s performance you’re looking for from LED lamps then the Type C LED tubes have everything you want. This uses a remote driver that powers the LED linear tube which means that there is no integrated driver, this installation will require a modification to the existing fixture although the low voltage outputs of the driver are then connected to the sockets as opposed to line voltage.

The existing tubes will need to be removed during installation as well as ballast while existing sockets might have to be replaced if they are damaged. This option provides amazing system efficacy and compatibility while it performs exceptionally well too. It can also be used with robust dimming and controls, helping to enhance efficiency too.

LED Tube Type A + B

These types of energy-saving light bulbs come as U-bend, Four-Foot or two-foot LED tubes and they are designed to act as a replacement for the U-bend, four-foot and two-foot fluorescent lamps. The products within this category can operate off the existing ballast and can also work off the line voltage too if the troffer is rewired so that it bypasses the ballast.


All of these products are designed for various needs and so, it can help to understand what they all offer.

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