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<b>Incandescent Lamp and Tube Ban isn't the end of great lighting</b> - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

Incandescent Lamp and Tube Ban isn't the end of great lighting

As the European directive for the banning of Incandescent Light Bulbs has come into effect from September 2012, everyone is now finding it harder to get hold of Coloured Light Bulbs. Therefore to ensure that festoon lighting can still be used there are now some further options available to the consumer. This article is written to advise on the 3 options available;

We keep a massive range of Incandescent and LED Coloured Light Bulbs in all of the standard colours and also some you may not often see like Pink and Amber.

LED Light Fittings

However, as technology has advanced so greatly particularly over the past 3 years and the Lighting Manufacturers have been getting ready for the Incandescent Total Ban; many Manufacturers have concentrated on other forms of Light Bulbs to complement their ranges. An example is LED Light Fittings which can very easily be used in place of coloured lamps. LED technology can produce LED Light Fittings that can be a static colour or change colours automatically with or without a remote control. Many of these styles of LED Light Fittings are used to flood the exteriors of buildings as many have seen in the sky lines of many major cities today.

LED Light Fittings have also been developed to resemble plastic strip (LED Strip Lights) that can give various light outputs and are easily tailor made to many environments such as under shelf lighting or display lighting. Therefore LED Light Fittings are a second recommendation on how to use alternatives to the standard incandescent coloured light bulbs.

Coloured Fluorescent Tubes

Our last example of alternatives to either option would be to use coloured fluorescent tubes. All quality fluorescent tubes are manufactured and sold by use of triphosphor internal coating which we believe give the best colour rendition available. All of our fluorescent tubes are available in all spectrum colours and are available in fluorescent tube sizes such as T8 and T5. We also sell a variety of fluorescent tubes that are specially designed for the aquatic market place and are therefore available in Salt Water Blue and High Intensity Blue rendition.

We hope that this article demonstrates that all is not lost with the European Lighting Ban as there are many options still available to the consumer.

About the Author:

This article is written by Jim Gear, founder of First Light Direct. First Light Direct has been supplying the Domestic and Commercial Market with Lighting including Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes and Light Fittings in the UK for 25 years. First Light have always ensured that they only supply quality products and not cheap imports.

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