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Quintiesse lighting from Elstead is a great example of well designed modern lighting - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

Quintiesse lighting from Elstead is a great example of well designed modern lighting

Elstead Lighting Ranges for all Design Idea that Illuminate Your Home, Restaurant or Hotel Lighting

First light direct always keen to promote fantastic brands like the Elstead Lighting range of quality light fittings for all environments such as homes and domestic settings, restaurants and hotels.

The indoor Quintiesse lighting from Elstead is a great example of well designed modern lighting as well as a complete range of traditional and artistic light fittings using the latest LED technology and LED lamps.

The range is broken down into three areas firstly else did lighting have a full range of sleek and modern refined light fittings designed with a retro and vintage design inspiration. 2nd are of course the Elstead light fittings which are hand painted and have a modern yet artistic approach to their design. Third but certainly not last is the full selection of traditional style products that are designed with the traditional feel to embrace the modern elements of a home today. Whichever type of lighting in the indoor range you are looking for you're sure to find something that suits your taste, decorative needs an inspiration from this great Elstead Lighting range.

Ranges such as Echelon, Skye, Nye, Kimrose, Ensemble and Pim are just a few of the great selection of light fittings from the Indoor Quintiesse Range that simply make browsing through the Elstead catalogue a joy that will inspire you to make the right lighting and illumination choice for your project.

The Kitchen lighting in everyone's home is essential as a family we are sure that you will spend a lot of time using this room for cooking, dining or simply a place to gather and talk. Like many homes the kitchen is a place where people congregate together at parties and social gatherings and therefore it's really important that the lighting used inspires your guests and really sets you're home apart from others. The Elstead range of kitchen lighting is quite simply huge which allows you to choose from a selection of statement pendant lights, flush ceiling lights or wall lighting which has been specifically chosen by Elstead check if your design choices the perfect extra layers of light required in a kitchen to make it stand out from the rest and make your Kitchen a living space.

Ranges such as the Tollis, Elroy, Elmore, Somerset, Urban Restoration, and Kitner ranges are again just some of the amazing ranges that are available from Elstead lighting and the Quintiesse Collection.

What are the most popular collections from Elstead lighting still remains to be the table lamps and floor lamps. This is an elegant range artisan made lighting which comes in various styles such as ceramic bases which are hand decorated or fantastic mouth blown glass bases within accompanying range a beautiful lamp shades. You really can bring a room to life with this ambient range of table lamps an floor lamps that are practical and have a full range of accent colours that will match all decorative appeals. You can choose the right base and a lamp shade that suits your tastes and combine them together in this Quintiesse range of lighting from Elstead.

Some great examples of the range can be found in the Samara, Sola, Havering & Harrow, Bexley and Reno Ranges which are all available from our online store.

Lastly, is the fantastic range of outdoor living space light fittings from Elstead lighting. This range in the Quintiesse collection are all IP 44 rated perfect for bringing those outdoor spaces indoors and utilising additional relaxation and dining areas in those summer months. Many of the outdoor light fittings can be used indoors also and you can have a complete matching design which attracts people to move from an indoor setting to an outdoor setting as the lighting design flows from one area to another so why not try and integrate your lighting in this way.

Some of the choices are Lakehouse, Alford Place, Porter, Eames, and Sutcliffe which will bring you outdoor space to life.

Here at first light direct our team are happy to help you so why not give us a call on 01737 845540

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