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Style and Quality in these Searchlight Electric Light Fittings - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

Style and Quality in these Searchlight Electric Light Fittings

Style and Quality in these Searchlight Electric Light Fittings

Searchlight electric continues to deliver quality light fittings to all that require stylish and contemporary lighting in their homes, hotels, and restaurants. The range has a complete array of different styles of lighting ranging from decorative light fittings, crystal light fittings, floor and table lamps as well as a huge selection of external wall and ground lights.

In the decorative pendant range there was a great selection of stylish pendants which can create a contemporary high end finish in any living or restaurant space. These pendants come with amazing glass shades in different colours and styles and shapes as well as bases in black, silver and brass to give every room that wow effect that we all strive for. A great example of that wow effect can be seen in the punch range of pendants that can also come with matching table lamps and floor lamps as well as a complete set of multi drop pendants that really will set off any indoor space. Along with the punch collection are other examples such as the Sweden collection which again has a full set of drop pendants as well as matching multi drop pendants so that you can use the same style throughout one living area and ensure that the flow of the room is continuous. There are far more examples of these exciting pendant lamps than we care to mention in this one article, but Needless to say regardless of what style, light output, types of shade that you were looking for Searchlight electric will have the solution for you.

If you're looking for elegance you will find it difficult to do better then the crystal range from Searchlight electric. This crystal range of pendant, chandelier, wall lights and ceiling lights elegant and refined and there is something within the range to suit homes, hotel lighting, commercial reception lighting as well as traditional stately homes and period properties. A great example is the waterfall crystal chandelier range which comes from the glorious 13 litre pendant with a shower of Chrome and crystal down to a 2 litre wall light that can compliment your choice from the other light fittings in the range such as the five litre or three litre waterfall light fitting. If you were looking for something that is more art deco and a stand out light fitting to be admired by all consider something like the Clover pendant range with its circular and square shapes intermingled with delicate crystal and LED lighting that will make the centrepiece of any room.

Searchlight electric have a beautiful array a standard pendants with accompanying floor lamps and table lamps that can be intermingled to create a soft pleasant lighting appeal in your home, restaurant or hotel. These include simple yet stylish pendants such as the pyramid range which come as either single pendants in various finishes such as black metal, antique brass, Chrome metal or sat in silver. But the pyramid range of light fittings is also available in bar style collections as well as single wall lights so that your design is not constrained as the depth and variety is available for you to choose from.

If you're looking for spotlights to set off your design offer room or an area again Searchlight electric have a tremendous range to choose from. There are 3 bar spotlights down to individual wall spotlights all of which can be accompanied with floor lamps and table lamps to match. It is important that our customers have a vast array of spotlights to choose from this is assured with the Searchlight electric range as they whole collection has different styles of contemporary, modern, traditional as well as continental style lighting to choose from.

At first light direct we strive hard to work with some of the best manufacturers and distributors of quality light fittings from around the globe. Whenever we are looking at a new range of lighting we always have our customers in mind and think to ourselves what do you want as a customer, what is trending and what isn't? We quite often think about what would we have in our own home our own garden to set off our rooms in the best way possible but also to ensure the quality of light is suitable for whatever application the room is to be used for. We hope you enjoy looking across our sites and all of the collections that we enjoy bringing to you and that you find the exact light fittings you are looking for. Should you require any assistance in any way please don't hesitate to call us on our office number 01737 845540.

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