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Candle Light Bulbs

Amazing Range of Candle Lamps

Our range of candle light bulbs is without question possibly the biggest that is available online. We continue to carry all ranges of candle lamps in old incandescent styles so that our customers can continue to utilise older style light fittings. Our range extends from standard 35 mm plain candles through to a complete and comprehensive range of coloured candle lamps in both a solid jacket and a translucent jacket.

If you are looking for halogen energy saving equivalents to the old standard incandescent candle lamp then you need look no further as we have a comprehensive range of all halogen energy saving candle lamps in stock from all of the large manufacturers such as Phillips, Osram, British Electric Lamps and GE Lighting.


Chandelier Candle Lamps

One range of our candle lamps is the Girard Sudron chandelier candle lamps which are available in both the old incandescent style and also halogen energy saving equivalents. These Girard Sudron chandelier light bulbs have been used by many. Properties as they are considered to be of the highest quality and give a perfect pure light.

If you are looking for something slightly different in a candle lamp to suit the aesthetics of the room in which you are lighting up why not try one of our twisted candle lamps are pyramid candle lamps or even one of our bent tip gold or Ruby candle lamps.

All of our candle lamps are available in various capsizes including E10, E12, E14 and SBC as well as standard cap sizes of BC and ES.

I first like direct we also continue to stock fireglow lights for those electric fires of gone by years. It is essential but if you still use an electric fire that uses an electric light bulb as a decorative display but you utilise the correct light bulb as only the correct light bulbs are heat resistant to safeguard your home from a fire.

Our range of coloured light bulbs in particular or candle light bulbs are available in all of the standard colours including green, blue, yellow, red, orange and pink.

<p><strong>Candle Light Bulbs</strong></p>
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35mm Plain Candles Light Bulbs

these are your normal candle light bulbs used for many years and still available from our vast stocks.

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35mm Plain Coloured Candles

Every colour of Coloured candle lamps available from stock for use in festoon lighting and much more indoors and outdoors.

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Decorative Christmas Candles

Its never too early for stocking up on Christmas tree lighting as they can be used at events all year round.

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Fireglow Candles

Electrical Fire Candle Lamps for the use in older style eclectic fires to give the appearance of flames.

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Flicker Candle Light Bulbs

Amazing and safe flicker flame candle lamps which are great for Christmas or Halloween events as well as day to day applications.

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Halogen Energy Saving 35mm Candles

A comprehensive range of 35mm energy saving candle light bulbs for all domestic and other requirements and applications.

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Halogen Energy Saving Bent Tipped Candles

Energy saving bent tip candle lamps to save money on energy whilst making sure the brightness is still available.

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Halogen Energy Saving New Torch Candles SES

Try these great torch candle light bulbs in your home and really jazz up the appearnace

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Halogen Energy Saving Straight Tipped Candles SES

Small Edison Screwed cap candle lamps with a straight tip look amazing in pendant lighting in your home.

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Halogen Energy Saving Twisted Candle Eco

Reducing energy consumption whilst ensuring light output remains the same with these great ECO light bulbs.

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Lantern Candles

Exterior lantern and porch lamps to ensure the entrance to your home is amazing and welcoming.

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Straight Tipped Candles

Huge range of straight ended candle light bulbs for all chandelier applications to finish off the mood lighting requirement.