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Low Energy Light Bulbs

Low Energy light bulbs hit the market over 30 years ago and are always thought of as the low energy lamps that take all day to brighten up! However and thankfully low energy light bulbs have improved and are now a better lighting source and can be used in all circumstances domestic lighting, retail lamps, and commercial fittings. The are also available in dimming and non dimming versions in many of the types of low energy light bulbs that are available today.

Our extensive range of integrated Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) provides an attractive and versatile lighting solution in a choice of sizes, shapes (e.g. spiral, stick, decorative) and caps.

These products offer an energy-saving alternative to incandescent bulbs across virtually all applications, with technological advances meaning they are now often even smaller than the lamps they replace.

• Long rated life from 6 000 to 15 000 hours • Flicker free, instant on light with fast warm-up • Environmentally friendly with low mercury content • Special option – high switching cycles up to 100 000 • Up to 80% energy savings vs. traditional  incandescent on our  ‘A’ energy labeled products.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps provide more light and generate less heat, converting up to 25% of the electricity they use into light

Low Energy Light Bulbs
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Energy Saving Candles

Energy efficient low energy CFL candle lamps which are perfect where long lasting light bulbs are required such as very high chandeliers 

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Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Change your standard light bulbs over to this range of standard CFL lamps and you will reduce energy consumption from incandescent lamps

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50mm GU10 Light Bulbs

GU10 halogen and led alternative light bulbs as these CFL GU10 lamps are perfect for areas where lights are on a lot and will save money

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Dusk to Dawn Bulbs

Quality dusk to dawn light bulbs traditionally use in porches in houses and lanterns that automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. 

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Energy Saving 45mm Round Light Bulbs

Entire range of low energy compact fluorescent 45mm golf ball light bulbs in all colours and end caps

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Energy Saving Globe Light Bulbs

95mm and 120mm low energy globe light bulbs which are great for those areas that use a lot of light such as window displays and corridors 

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Energy Saving R63 Light Bulbs 

63mm reflector light bulbs that are energy saving as they are compact fluorescent and instant start available

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Hulger Plumen Light Bulbs

Decorative range of Hulger Pulman lamps that are amazing designs and suitable for restaurants and domestic settings

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Low Energy Spirals and Stick Lamps

Huge range of Spiral Low Energy Light Bulbs from quality manufacturers in all colours and bases from stock.

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Low Energy Spirals and Sticks Coloured Lamps

A full range of coloured spiral lamps for decorative occasions such as Christmas lighting and much more. Available in Red, Green, Blue, Organge and more.

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Low Voltage Energy Saving Light Bulbs

We carry a huge range still of low voltage CFL lamps that are used in industrial and commercial applications such as oil and gas and mining

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Philips SL-Electronic Light Bulbs

Quality range of Philips milk bottle shaped SL CFL light bulbs that are energy efficient and robust for commercial settings

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GU10 Low Energy Lamps