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Low Energy Light Bulbs

Low Energy Light Bulbs

Low Energy light bulbs hit the market over 30 years ago and are always thought of as the low energy lamps that take all day to brighten up! However and thankfully low energy light bulbs have improved and are now a better lighting source and can be used in all circumstances domestic lighting, retail lamps, and commercial fittings. The are also available in dimming and non dimming versions in many of the types of low energy light bulbs that are available today.

Our extensive range of integrated Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) provides an attractive and versatile lighting solution in a choice of sizes, shapes (e.g. spiral, stick, decorative) and caps.

These products offer an energy-saving alternative to incandescent bulbs across virtually all applications, with technological advances meaning they are now often even smaller than the lamps they replace.

• Long rated life from 6 000 to 15 000 hours • Flicker free, instant on light with fast warm-up • Environmentally friendly with low mercury content • Special option – high switching cycles up to 100 000 • Up to 80% energy savings vs. traditional  incandescent on our  ‘A’ energy labeled products.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps provide more light and generate less heat, converting up to 25% of the electricity they use into light

Today’s low energy light bulbs are comparable with conventional light bulbs in shape, size light out put and out perform their rival in life cycle costs by over 10 times the saving. The market place is filled with low energy replacements light bulbs that can now directly replace, GU10, Spot Lamps, Standard Light Bulbs, Candle Light Bulbs and many more shapes and sizes.
Dimmable versions are available generally in two types. Firstly what is called a smooth dimming light bulb which can be reduced in out put in steps of 1 percent at a time, and a stepped dimming light bulb that can be turned down in large steps up to 20 percent at a time. These dimmable low energy lamps are available in most shapes and sizes to suit any requirement.
Apart from domestic replacement low energy light bulbs, there is also another type of low energy lamp which is generally associated with the commercial lighting market. These light bulbs are called compact fluorescent light bulbs or CFL for short. It is easier to think of these as fluorescent tubes that are shaped and twisted to fit different light fittings. A CFL light bulb unlike a domestic low energy light bulb requires the aid of a ballast unit and starter that is external from the lamp and is housed in the fitting into which the lamp is fitted. Domestic replacement low energy light bulbs have a compact electronic ballast and starter contained within the lamps body itself and there for can be plugged directly in to a lamp holder and turned on.
Just like a fluorescent tube both energy saving light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps are available in various colour renderings from standard White finish through the colour spectrum to Daylight finish.
Therefore both energy saving and compact fluorescent light bulbs can be used for variety of applications including but not restricted to conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and Bad Building Syndrome. And just light fluorescent tubes both compact fluorescent and low energy light bulbs are available in a variety of primary colours such Reds, Greens and Blues, which can be used for decorative use or entertainment uses.
Commercially however both Compact fluorescent and Energy saving Light Bulbs save up to 80 percent of the energy consumption but also reduce the costs of maintenance in commercial properties as the light bulbs last up to 15 times longer whilst reproducing accurately, colour rendering, light out put whilst being flicker free unlike the original low energy light bulbs