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Other Lamp Types

Our leading role in the development of all kinds of lighting technologies enables us to offer advanced, high performance solutions for specialised applications as diverse as film studios, rock concerts, airport runways and even fly traps! Following are our main areas of expertise:

Entertainment, Horticulture, Special applications. We are a leading supplier to the entertainment industry, with a range of lamp technologies sold under the SHOWBIZ® brand including incandescent, halogen, metal halide and low energy Compact Fluorescent. Our ranges encompass everything from low watt to 24 000W products with bases to fit most known fixtures, and are used in applications such as:

Film and broadcast (including studio and location) • Events and concert tours • Club and disco • Theatre • Specialist projection (e.g. photographic studio). Artificial photosynthesis lighting plays an important role in improving the yield and quality of greenhouse crops, and for controlling day-night lengths to suit the needs of particular flowering plants.  

Properly balanced blue and red to optimise growth • Improves the yield and quality of greenhouse crops • Optimum light and PAR (Photosynthetically  Active Radiation) output • More PAR on average compared to standard HPS • Wide range 250W to 750W with 230V and 400V options (operated on electronic ballast). We have a choice of lamp technologies – fluorescent/halogen, low/high watt, cap options – to meet the needs of a diverse range of special applications including:- Health & safety (bacterial destruction, shatter protection) • Insect control (e.g. fly traps in food preparation areas) • Industrial heating (radiant heat for applications such  as paint drying) • Airfields (lamps for runways and taxiway lighting)

Other Lamp Types