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All Other Light Bulbs Ranges

Light is fundamental to our well being. On average, we spend up to 90% of our lives indoors and yet lighting is often an afterthought when decorating our homes.

Choose your light bulb!

  • Candles - use candles to complement your décor, or to create a decorative feature.
  • Globes -use in small, decorative fittings or fittings where the light bulb is visible. 
  • Halogen - Low and mains voltage for dedicated fittings. 
  • Halogen - Mains voltage for standard fittings.
  • Energy Savers - save up to 80% energy all over your home.
  • Reflectors - direct extra light where it's needed. 

Choose your lighting mood!

  • Chill out - forget the hustle and bustle of daily life...
  • Let's get active - at work or at play...
  • Save money - help keep your electricity bills down...
  • Feel Secure - improve safety around the home...
  • Guarantee information - all OSRAM energy savers come with a lifetime guarantee...
  • Energy label information - how energy efficient is your light bulb?... 



All Other Light Bulbs Ranges
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Candle Light Bulbs

Probably the largest range of traditonal incandescent candle lamps left in the UK today.

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Round and Globe Style Light Bulbs

Amazing decorative glode lamps and large round light bulbs in 125mm, 100mm, and 95 mm as well as 45mm Golf Ball lamps.

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Main Halogen Light Bulbs

Great quality mains halogen lamps such as GU10 lamps and all sorts of reflector lamps such as AR111 lamps

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Low Voltage Halogen Light Bulbs

all types of low voltage lighting such as MR16 lamps MR11 Lamps and capsule lamps such as G4 and G9

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Compact Fluorescent CFL Lamps

Commercial Compact Fluorescent lamps such as PLL, PLC, PLT and 2D lamps available from UK stocks

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Compact Fluorescent CFL Light Bulbs

Commercial Compact Fluorescent lamps such as PLL, PLC, PLT and 2D lamps available from UK stocks

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Low Energy Light Bulbs

Every conceivable Low Energy lamps from stock from stick lamps through to spiral lamps and all colours available

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Striplights and Pygmy Light Bulbs

We still have in stock a great and wide range of Strip lamps for shaver lights and also pygmy light bulbs in all colours

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Discharge Light Bulbs

Huge range of SON and SOX light bulbs and Metal halide and Ceramic Lamps

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Ultra Violet Light Bulbs

We keep all ultra violet lamps for pond sterilisation and for disco lighting from stock, even money checker lamps

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All Other Light Bulbs

Lots of other lamps in stock such as airfield lamps, car light bulbs and aquarium lighting.

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Infra Red Light Bulbs

All infra red lamps are available from PAR38 infra reds through to linear halogen infra reds for out door heating lamps

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Lamp Holders & Screwfix

Lighting components are available for all light bulb and fluorescent tubes connections, including terry clips and much more