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Versatile and Broad Range of Wiring Accessories and LED Lighting - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

Versatile and Broad Range of Wiring Accessories and LED Lighting

Knightsbridge lighting and wiring accessories have been in existence since 1998 and have been serving the electrical industry with quality lighting and wiring accessories since that time.

First Light Direct a proud to work with Knightsbridge to ensure that they quality ranges of LED Lighting and architecturally designed wiring accessories are accessible to everyone regardless weather you are a retailer, electrician, or consumer.

Unlike many electrical wholesalers first light direct are interested in all orders regardless of size shape or complexity as we strive to ensure that the smallest to the largest orders for Knightsbridge LED light fittings as well as the Knightsbridge wiring accessories range are available to all at cost effective prices and exceptional service.

To achieve this we strive to dispatch all orders for Knightsbridge products for delivery next working day by Royal Mail parcel force. As a customer to first light direct we ensure that wherever possible as stock feeds are up to date at all times, our live chat is available to you as many hours of the day as possible and that you can log on to your account and track all of your lighting and wiring accessories orders.

Knightsbridge has an exceptional range and diversity in both lighting and wiring accessories, everything from domestic interior lighting form bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings and walls, through to a huge range of garden LED lighting that can bring that outdoor space indoors.

The Knightsbridge wiring accessories range has a comprehensive range of every conceivable wiring accessory that you may require for any project large or small. Everything is available from plastic moulded light switches and power sockets, through to specialist sockets such as screwless or flat plate light switches and power sockets in various colours such as white, black, Chrome and much more.

Alongside this vast array of Knightsbridge lighting, light switches and power sockets Knightsbridge also manufacture industrial plugs and sockets for use on building sites Power Distribution units, and even on caravans and motorhomes where they are used to bring power from electrical distribution poles into the vans. These industrial plugs and sockets come in 110 Volt, 240 Volt, or 415 Volt and have a variety of different types of plugs and sockets available for all the applications that you my need including a range of couplers, adapters and 3 way extensions.

LED Downlights from Knightsbridge MLA

Here at first light direct working with Knightsbridge we are able to bring you a huge selection of LED downlighters that will fit into every living space, office, shop, hotel or any other application you may be working on. We keep in stock fire rated integrated LED down lights as well as more traditional fire rated down lights where you can install your own choice of LED light bulb as you may wish.

The newest range from Knightsbridge is the SpektroLED range of integrated and fire rated LED down lights which have amazing functionality. These LED downlights are adjustable in that you can select if you wish 5Watt or 7watt output to each light and also each light is available in a choice of colours of 2700k, 3000k, 4000k to 6000k at the simple flick of a switch concealed on the back of each light fitting. Furthermore, this range of LED downlights are available in a fixed bezel or tiltable bezel and all of the bezels coming various colours and are very straightforward as they magnetically clip onto the downward facing side of the LED downlights. The colours available for all bezels are antique brass, brushed brass, brushed Chrome, Matt black, polished Chrome and white giving you maximum flexibility of design and colour choice.

Exterior and Garden Lighting

Knightsbridge offer an entire range of exterior and garden lighting that is suitable for both commercial and residential applications. This includes floodlights, weatherproof accessories, wall lights, LED flex, ground lights, lighting bollards, and garden spikes. We also keep from stock a range of electrical heaters purposefully designed for external applications to keep you warm on those autumn evenings when it gets chilly outdoors, so regardless of whether it is for your garden your public house or a hotel we can keep your customers and yourself toasty warm when the sun has gone in.

It is always important to ensure that whatever light fittings you use in an outdoor space that they comply to all of the necessary codes of practise and British standards in particular it is vital that all light fittings weatherproof sockets or weatherproof light switches are properly sealed against water ingress and therefore each product should be suitably IP rated.

Security and floodlighting has never been more important for the safety and security of our homes and family to ensure that those that may wish to do us harm can be seen by security cameras, neighbours, and yourselves in a way that will prevent intruders from attempting to take what is not rightfully theirs. For this reason we keep vast stocks of both domestic and commercial floodlighting that can be designed into your property and not look out of place. Architecturally designed lighting is important to everyone to ensure that discreet and compact light fittings can be used but also give maximum light output when required.

Emergency Lighting

Our emergency lighting range that is available 24 hours a day seven days a week is perhaps one of the largest and most comprehensive he refers like direct. We have available from stock the entire Knightsbridge emergency lighting range so that we can ensure the your property and your business can continue to function and be compliant with all fire regulations that may be required. Well designed and superbly manufactured bulkheads, exit signs, down lights and emergency kits are within our range and these include self-test kits saving time and expense. Our LED emergency floodlight range includes traditional three hour backup floodlights as well as three hour self maintained self test floodlights and are available for both internal an external applications as our range includes IP20 and IP65 products which all come with a three-year warranty. As you would expect our range of emergency bulkhead and exit signs come with all of the variety of legends that can be attached to each bulkhead such as the running man with direction arrows and exit indication arrows so allow your customers and patrons to have a safe exit in an emergency.

LED Flex and LED Tape.

One of our most popular ranges is LED flex and LED tape which is extremely versatile and very adaptable for all kinds of applications. We see these products used in kitchen designs for under cabinet lighting through to designs in outdoor spaces to light up canopy 's, gardens, summer houses and much more. You can pick whichever colour you require from white, cream, green, blue, red and orange. With all range of LED tape and LED flex you could even use are highly versatile remote control which allows you to control the LED tape or the LED flex using the Smart Knight application on your smartphone. And of course the range would not be complete without a versatile range of flexible type accessories, fixing kits, LED constant voltage drivers as well as a range of IP67 constant voltage drivers.

So if you were looking to enhance you're under cabinet lighting in your kitchen, bathroom, breakfast room or any outdoor space make sure you come and have a look at this exceptional range of LED flex and LED tape that will help enhance any property.


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