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JCC LED Lighting Delivers Lighting Innovation - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

JCC LED Lighting Delivers Lighting Innovation

JCC lighting has been a world leader in diverse electrical LED lighting since 1989 and he's now owned by the Levinton company from the United States of America. The Levinton brings with it their wealth of experience in LED lighting and general lighting technology from their own products already on sale in the United states.

JCC lighting as a full range of LED lighting including but certainly not limited to their LED fire rated downlights, general LED downlights, LED panels, garden and exterior lighting for both domestic, commercial and retail installations.

ToughLED Pro Range

A great example of the JCC innovation into LED lighting can be seen in the ToughLED Pro Range That has been designed with electricians full electricians to simply make installation faster, cheaper and quicker. As part of this innovation there are now locking place side clips which means taking the diffuser off to gain access to the light source and the terminal blocks can now be done in a fraction of the time from JCC competitors fittings which require the whole diffuser to be unscrewed manually. When wiring these types of LED lights it has also been found to be problematic to try and wire into the terminal block as the space generally allowed is so small is difficult to get fingers into the space. Now with the JCC fitting the terminal block is fully detachable meaning that gaining access to the cable connections is quick and simple and again saves time and cost. All of the light fittings are already pre marked for connections to standard mounting boxes making it easier to place conduits in the right place so that modifications are not required later. Furthermore in this range JCC have introduced a set of pre moulded two way cable constraints the opposition along the fitting to ensure that the cables are secured neatly and avoid interference with the light source, diffuser, or control gear. Lastly, this range of light fittings come in 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot with the choice of either a twin fitting or a single fitting with either Opal or frosted diffuser.

V50 Fire Rated Downlights

The JCC V50 fire rated LED down lights or a huge move forward in technology and innovation which JCC lighting is renowned for. The V50 down light from JCC gives full flexibility to the designer installer and end user of the lighting as it has complete flexibility and has selectable colour features as well as six different bezels to suit the design and colour scheme of the installation.

The V50 is available in a tilt version again giving flexibility to the end user to allow them to tilt the light source directly where it is required, and also a flush version for traditional down light installation. The V50 downlights so come with a range of converter plates and concealer rings to allow you to retrofit the V50 into the space over the older wider down light which will ensure that no gaps are visible therefore making the whole installation look professional with clean lines and a perfect finish.

Just like other JCC lighting products the V50 downlight comes with a double hinged driver which allows the installer to wire in and wire out of one downlighter to the next with relative ease and simplicity. All of the terminal blocks are colour coded to assist the installer also and have pushed fit release connections to allow for very simple release of the cables should this be needed. The terminal block itself has been redesigned to ensure that the housing is much smaller then traditional down lights and can fit into the ceiling void without any difficulty.

The V50 pro comes in a variety of cut out sizes from 92 millimetres through to 159 millimetres with a bezel diameter from 100 millimetres to 170 millimetres, giving complete flexibility to the designer, installer and user.

The V50 range from JCC also comes with an anti-glare fitting which has a discrete recessed light source with all of the standard features of the V50 range. I'd like traditional anti-glare down lights the V50 anti-glare down lights delivers the same light output and beam angle as all other V50 downlights allowing the down lights to be spaced in exactly the same way as the other downlights in the installation.

The V50 tilt LED downlight is available in IP65 and therefore makes it suitable for installation in bathrooms and wet areas and is also suitable 450 millimetre ceiling voids and can rotate 350° with a tilt of 20° below the ceiling.

The whole of the V50 down light range is available in various wattages and also dimmable versions with a huge lumens output as well. The bezel selections are Chrome, white, brushed nickel, brass, black and anthracite ensuring the colour matching to your room scheme is never a challenge.

Emergency Lighting Range.

The JCC range would not be complete without a full emergency lighting range to compliment all of the fantastic LED light fittings the JCC manufacturer. JCC lighting have both LED remote conversion packs and a full range of emergency bulkhead exit lighting. The emergency remote packs from JCC comprise of lithium batteries for improved performance, slide out battery cover for easy access and maintenance, double hinged terminal covers for easy access to the terminal blocks which again are colour coded for easy electrical installation, they are of a slim construction making them easy to either hide away in the ceiling void or where possible within the light fitting body and these emergency remote packs all come with a 5 year warranty from JCC.

JCC have a full range of IP65 emergency bulkheads with all of the exit signs that you would expect to comply with the fire regulations and local authority regulations. These bulkheads come in a slim profile polycarbonate bulkhead design with clipping screwless LED gear trays, that make installation and maintenance much easier than traditional emergency lighting bulkheads. A complete and composite range of running man legends are available to direct people to the nearest exit and away from danger. The exit boxes can also come with self test modes preinstalled again making design and installation as well as maintenance, quicker and easier for the installer and the end user. Not only does JCC provide a range of surface mounted bulkhead and exit boxes they also provide a full range of slim line suspended exit blades again with all of the running man legends that are required to comply with fire regulations. We carrying stock a range of emergency spotlights in either IP65 or IP20 which come within the impressive hi looming output ranging from 300 lumens to 700 lumens and also come with a three-year manufacturers warranty from JCC lighting

First Light Direct

Here at first light direct we aspire to bring you the best in LED lighting technology such as the examples above which are exemplar in the industry. You will see from our website the quantity that is available from stock and allows everyone large or small to buy quality and quantity of lighting at very competitive prices.


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