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T8 Fluorescent Tubes

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T8 Fluorescent Tubes (25mm Dia) have been available for many years and are slowly being taken out of service, and therefore we may well see this fluorescent tube follow the route of the T12 fluorescent tube are be discontinued. However until that happens we stock every possible size and colour including red, green, blue, pink, yellow Fluorescent Tubes.

T8 Fluorescent Light Fixtures

T8 fluorescent tubes provide a highly effective solution when it comes to providing lighting in a wide range of settings. Commonly, T8 tube lights are found in warehouses, garages, offices and supermarkets as the light fixtures provide the right amount of light. Furthermore, they are also perfect for smaller environments that require the right amount of light, proving just how versatile T8 tube lights are.

They come with a diameter of 26mm and a range of colours too which means that they really can help to create the perfect environment

T8 Tube Colours

In the same way as T5 fluorescent lights, T8 fluorescent bulbs also come in a range of colours and they are perfect for colour rendering. This means that these LED Light Bulbs are perfect for helping you achieve the right lighting and colour temperature to fit your space. Furthermore, you can also purchase T8 lights in colours such as  Red, Green and Blue which is perfect for those areas that need a specific colour lighting. So, if you are looking for coloured fluorescent tubes you can be sure we will have them in stock, Coloured light is a great way to enhance many areas, and colour constant lamps ensure you have an even colour throughout the design of the coloured fluorescent tube lights.

T8 Tube Features

Fluorescent T8 tubes come with a diameter measurement of 26mm and that means that they are ideal for large, open spaces. Despite this, they can be used in smaller spaces and as they come in a wide range of colours, they are versatile too. These lights are designed to deliver clarity but also the right colour temperatures and they can be used with reflectors too, as this will make it possible to enhance the amount of light that they give.

They also come in a wide range of lengths too, which means that you can find them with lengths of 2ft through to 6ft, providing a solution that makes them perfect for any sized space.

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