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HID Ballast Ignitors - First Light Direct - Light Fittings and LED Light Bulbs

HID Ballast Ignitors

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Here at first light direct we have always kept a huge range of lighting components ranging from HID ignitors through to lamp holders, LED drivers, fluorescent ballasts and much more.

Our range of high intensity discharge (HID) ignitors are all manufactured from the best quality manufacturers available within the lighting industry such as GE Lighting, Osram, Venture Lighting, Sylvania, and many more. All of our HID ignitors work on the principle off sending a high voltage ignition voltage to the lamp to kick start it into high brightness to ensure that your fittings can illuminate whichever area the lamp is serving to the highest intensity.

HID and Other Lighting Controls

When selecting any lighting controls or control gear that are being used within an existing installation it is extremely important that the correct size voltage, Hz, wattage and overall dimensions I'll select it carefully. Clearly selecting the correct HID igniter is vital to ensuring that the lamp will strike and burn correctly because selecting the incorrect HID igniter can be extremely dangerous to health and safety and also create fire due to overheat of the ballast or the lamp itself. Should you require any assistance in selecting the correct HID igniter or any lighting controls please don't hesitate to contact us and we will assist you in any way we can.

Lighting controls are becoming more and more important as the industry moves towards the smart homes where lighting can be controlled from a smartphone or a tablet from anywhere in the world. This smart home technology he's becoming increasingly popular with a population but he's constantly busy I'm wishing to control everything including lighting and power at the touch of a button.

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