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<b>Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Christmas Decoration Lights</b> - First Light Direct - LED Lamps and Lighting

Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Christmas Decoration Lights

Christmas Lights Buying Guide

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the twinkle and sparkle of Christmas lights. Whether you like to go all out and put on a display with rope lights hanging from the front of your house or you prefer to keep it low key with some subtle Christmas candle bulbs, the right lights can transform any space.

The great thing about Christmas lights is that they work in any situation regardless of how big or small your home or tree might be. The whole Christmas light situation has changed and now people are getting more creative thanks to the wide range of lights on offer. While it’s possible to throw a mixture of lights together, it can make a difference by spending time considering what lights you need and how to get the look right.

Considerations When Buying Christmas Lights

Whether it’s novelty lighting or decorative Christmas candles, you can use lights in many different ways during the festive period. However, getting them right is the perfect way to create that Christmas look and feel. From creations that form the centrepiece of your home to backdrops and window lights, you can get creative with lighting.

Despite this, there is so much to think about because the choice is now more varied than ever before. There are different lights available which means that it is important to understand the different variations of lights available. Some lights are more suited as Christmas tree decoration lights while others are better for decorating windows and other areas of the home. You can have lights that are joined together in a straight line and you can find those that are shaped in a way that they are specifically designed for a certain area. With all of this in mind, you can now create the ideal look that captures Christmas perfectly.

So, when the time comes to choose your Christmas lights, you should make the following considerations.

The Number of Lights You Need - There are strings of lights that have a small number of bulbs and are suitable for small areas and there are those that can have hundreds or even thousands of bulbs and are suitable for large trees or even properties. If you want to give a tree with a height of around 3ft that festive look then 100 lights will be sufficient enough but you can scale this up should you have a larger tree.

Plain Lights or Multi-Coloured? - The great thing about Christmas tree lights is that they come in a range of colours. You can have white lights, warm lights and multi-coloured so whether you want the traditional look with lots of colours or you want to go classy with white lights, you can create an effect you want.

Lights That Move or Don’t Move? - Some lights can be set up to create a special effect such as flashing or twinkling as well as offer a range of glows. These are controlled by the users and give them the opportunity to create their own look. However, if you want a steady glow then static lights might be the best option.

Length of the Lead - Lights need to be plugged in and that means that you need to consider the length of the able from the plug to the very first lightbulb. This is clearly stated on the box but will allow you to make sure you have a lead that is the right length.

Simple Tree Lights - These are specifically designed to make dressing your Christmas tree easy. Unlike a string of lights, these are looped and can fit over the top of the tree with lights that then run from the loop at the top to the bottom of the tree.

Christmas Trees That Are Pre-Lit - If you are looking for a simple option then you can purchase trees that have lights attached to the branches, making it easier to get your tree looking right.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

The great thing about Christmas lights is that they are not just for indoors. This means that you can dress almost anything outside in Christmas lights. If you have the desire to decorate the outside of your home then you will also need to consider the range of outdoor Christmas lights on offer. These are specially designed for use outdoors and will come with a transformer to make sure that the electricity is delivered safely.

Stake lights are a great option when it comes to decorating your garden. All you need to do is push them into the ground such as your lawn or your flower beds before turning them on. They are quick and easy to install and you can also get solar versions too which means you won’t need to worry about plugging them in.

If you’re looking to create an amazing look outside of your home then you can choose from the huge range of festive lights that are available. This includes the likes of standard fairy lights that are much like the lights available for indoors. You can then drape them over walls, trees and even hang them from your guttering.

For that traditional Christmas feel you can always go down the novelty light route. You can find everything on offer from snowflake-shaped lights to Santa sleighs and reindeers. Rope lights are also a popular choice and the lights are located in a clear plastic tube and can be hung or wound around most things without getting tangles.

The great thing about Christmas lights outdoors is that you can choose to do something different each year. The more elaborate the design the more it will stand out but you can also keep things subtle if you choose to. However, when the time comes to take your lights down, you should ensure that you store them correctly so you can use them again next year.

If you are looking for a great choice of Christmas lights then our online lighting store has everything you need.

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